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Here are some of the hymns I have worked on.

At the time of updating, this list is very small compared with the total number of hymns worked on. In time I will add sufficient here to illustrate the widest spectrum possible subject to copyright. The Volume contains playover and bridge details of about 210 tunes representing just over 250 song or hymn titles. The total number of song and hymn tunes that I have studied exceeds 500. All PDFs open in a new tab.

First lines/Title Tune Notes
All hail the power of Jesu's Name MILES LANE Also see Playovers
All hail the power of Jesu's Name DIADEM  
And can it be SAGINA This has been very successful and the relatively long bridge gives a much needed break for the voices. A shorter bridge is available too.
As pants the hart MARTYRDOM This is no longer in the Volume but retained here...
Awake, awake, fling off
the night
Be thou my vision
Lord of all hopefulness
SLANE Beware the slightly different versions to different lyrics!
Brightest and best EPIPHANY Extract from the Volume
Christians, awake YORKSHIRE
Extract from the Volume
Dear Lord and Father of mankind REPTON


For Mary, mother of our Lord
I come with joy
ST BOTOLPH This hymn has a feel of 6:8 about it and that highlights the weakness of the end of the second line; I have added a (3:4) bar here to make the singing much easier; it flows beautifully.
Good Christians all...
The strife is o'er
The Alleluias may be sung in different ways - hence the dotted ties...
Lord the light of your love is shining Shine! Jesus, shine! Popular or overdone? One of those modern praise tunes that congregations like but organists seemingly don't. 
Organists, express your dislikes online if you must,
but if it's requested, you must play it!
If you don't like my quaver accompaniment in the refrain, then don't use it!
Morning has broken BUNESSEN Extract from the Volume
O Jesus, I have promised HATHEROP CASTLE  
O Lord, my God How great thou art Melody only play-over and first lines illustrating how you MUST count your way through this hymn to make any sense of the rhythm and timing. SEE below
O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness WAS LEBET  
Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven PRAISE MY SOUL 3 pages (updated September 2015)
You may wish to adjust the details but this works far better than first two lines and pause and two beats silence!
Ring out! Ye bells below TAVISTOCK Words & Music George Campbell Grills (1947). This hymn has been adopted by the Devon Bell Ringers' Association and is sung by a number of others. This arrangement by me fine-tunes some harmonies and adds a playover and playout.
Tell out my Soul WOODLANDS Although my introduction usually uses the first and last lines of WOODLANDS, this highlights a repeated bar that is best omitted.

Here is my setting for All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Please feel free to download and save it. The problem with this hymn is getting it started so I use the obvious descending notes in the base. But note how I get there; the refrain cuts to the second half of the verse half way through. Don't be tempted to play the third and fourth lines! All Things Bright and Beautiful comes out regularly at weddings and funerals and this method of playing it works perfectly every time! Give it a try and whatever you do, DON'T pause or rallentando anywhere; maintain a strict rhythmic tempo.

Example of the music in the volume...

How Great Thou Art

This lovely hymn is really quite difficult to get control of unless you are prepared to be strict with the rhythm. Above I illustrate my playover consisting of parts of the refrain moving straight into the verse with the timings.


1. Your playover does NOT have to consist of the first two lines! Use any part of the tune so long as it is recognisable! Here the refrain is equally as good, and by bringing the playover to the end of the refrain it is obvious that the verse is about to start.
2. I have shortened those notes that are repeated - essential if you are going to hold on to the rhythm and timing.
3. I have added a set of words that you must sing to yourself to get the timing right! Take yourself right through the verse and refrain singing "one, two, three and four" etc. It will really sort it out for you if you've been having problems with the timing!
4. Don't pause anywhere! Just keep the rhythm going.
5. I have altered the final bars to that conventionally used. If you have a different arrangement at this point that's OK provided you count carefully from the first note of the second line above.

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