The Complete Hymn - Updates and Corrections

This section includes the updates that have been made and faults identified and corrected in The Complete Hymn. These have been logged from about a year before publication and are particularly relevant if you have an older version of TCH. 

Since the below updates, it has become apparent that the whole volume is too large. Several of the hymns included in the Specials have been removed so that the total numbers of hymns detailed has been reduced. The volume is therefore being republished in a slightly different form under the title:

You are the Conductor!

So in 2023 I have rewritten much of the website and the Volume. I'm finding that there is a need to be more flexible while still adhering to the principles to try to make the hymns flow as one piece of music. Some of the arrangements have worked so well that I stick to them now; WOODLANDS, THORNBURY, MILES LANE and a few others work extremely well.

On a personal note my friend Ray Knowles who was working with me on this sadly became unwell and passed away a couple of years ago. His sense of humour and theatre-style organ playing will be sadly missed.

Date What has changed Comment
Mar 2013 Tune SIDCUP added. I wrote this tune for Take up thy cross. many years ago and have used it consistently instead of the rather weak BRESLAU.
Mar 2013 Hymn You're there! added. Another complete hymn or song that I wrote in 2007.
It is an uplifting reminder of the presence of God everywhere.
Mar 2013 Christians lift up your hearts de-specialed. I recommend the setting in Complete Anglican HON (Mayhew)
Apr 2013 The Spirit lives to set us free de-specialed. An alternative tune I have written is available on the website - HERE 
Apr 2013 Tune MARCHING de-specialed. The arrangement using 2 beats last note + rest works best.
May 2013 Peace is flowing like a river - refrain option added. (Main Table) Some hymnbooks have a non-refrain setting; analysis for both versions now included.
Jun 2013 Minor corrections and adjustments.  
Jun 2013 Be still my soul (FINLANDIA) de-specialed. See the Main Table for what to play. 
(The copyright holder wanted a hugely disproportionate fee for my small extract.)
Jul 2013 A New Commandment - shorter play-over added. Optional shorter play-over for use with leaflet or screen.
Aug 2013 Extracts of tune MICHAEL removed. Copyright reasons; the short fanfares that I add are retained.
Aug 2013  Jesus put this song into our hearts added. Settings in the hymnbooks not suitable for organ so I have added a complete setting here.
Aug 2013 Beauty for Brokenness - shorter bridge added. Optional addition.
Sep 2013 This world you have made added to The Specials.  
Sep 2013 All are welcome added to the Main Table.  
Sep 2013  How great thou art - 2nd bridge added. This is one bar shorter and fits well into this difficult tune.
Sep 2013 Rejoice, rejoice! Christ is in you...
Play-over suggested in table.
Oct 2013 Tune CONTEMPLATION added to introduction (p7). Sir Frederick Ouseley's tune is referred to quite often in the text so is added here for comparison.
Oct 2013 There is a Redeemer -
method of repeating the refrain added
This allows a seamless repeat of the refrain after the last verse which is often desirable.
Jan 2014 Father God, I wonder added to The Specials  
Feb 2014 Page numbers added This should speed up searches for items.
Feb 2014 Tune LUX EOI added to The Specials.  
May 2014 The Complete Hymn published. Official Publication Date 1 May 2014.
Aug 2014 Peace is flowing like a river
added to The Specials.
Aug 2014 Praise my soul - descant removed  Not the only descant! Reduces the score to 3 pages.
Aug 2014 Now thank we all our God (NUN DANKET) Another play-over option added.
Aug 2014 Brother, sister, let me serve you...
Clarified with new music graphic.
PDF of pages on website.
Aug 2014 He who would valiant be revised. The "cut" into the bridge was too abrupt.
Aug 2014 Men of Faith added to the Main Table. Very playable on the organ; important to solo the verse melody.
Oct 2014 Short play-over added to One More Step. With the words on a screen and the tune well known this worked well.
Nov 2014 MONKS GATE re-written. Re-locating the bar-lines has enabled a much better arrangement.
Jan 2015 The Virgin Mary had a baby boy Corrections. Errors in the first full bar corrected; bass line at verse start adjusted.
Jan 2015 Several Worship Song outlines added to website Largely taken from the volume to illustrate the scope of the work.
Apr 2016 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Recommended play-over starts on the 3rd line ("All ye who hear...")

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