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How to play hymns and worship songs on the church organ
so that your congregation can join together in singing confidently!

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Sing to him a New Song,
play skilfully and shout for joy... 

There is little better than singing joyfully in worship with others in a church service,
and little worse than finding that the whole experience can be just so embarrassing!
The singing can be the high, or perhaps low point on this scale.
People love to sing, but they won't do it unless everyone else is singing well and confidently.

So much of this is up to YOU, the organist;
Remember, YOU are the Orchestra and most importantly the Conductor!...

You have to co-ordinate yourself with the singers and it's no easy task; The Complete Hymn gives you a number of aids to achieving unity in song. It sets out to make what you do workable. The Volume contains:

  • Explanatory text about the processes and principles behind the settings in The Complete Hymn

  • Over 250 of the most popular hymns and worship songs detailed - The SPECIALS;

  • At least 250 more hymns and songs in a table illustrating play-over section and verse joins/bridges;

  • Altogether 180 pages with all hymns and songs fully indexed by First Lines and TUNE.

For more details, read on HERE.

The Complete Hymn is now available in PDF... see Contact me

Update: pages 43 & 44 may be obtained HERE
The graphic for Brother, Sister, let me serve you was unclear and I have rearranged it.
If you don't currently have either the PDF of The Complete Hymn or the paper version,
this is a FREE SAMPLE !!
Several more free samples HERE

and how to play Worship Songs HERE

Updates are included on the last page of the volume and HERE.

Update March 2017

It has become apparent that further changes are needed to some of the hymns and songs presented in The Complete Hymn. While I am entirely satisfied regarding the principles that I have set out here, the practicalities have not, in a few instances, worked out as well as they should.

As a result I am reviewing all the examples set out in the volume. I have records of everyone who has purchased The Complete Hymn and free PDFs of the volume will be made available and forwarded to those who have earlier versions.

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