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There remains a popular myth that Worship Songs cannot be played on the organ;
They can of course, but be prepared to change your style somewhat... 

If you are used to soloing on a stop on the Great, or Choir if you have one, and accompanying that with (usually) the left hand on the Swell you are most of the way there. Using a light pedal probably coupled to the Swell you can play almost any Worship Song.

Registration: Set your registration for soloing on the Great, or Choir, with a softer accompaniment on the Swell. Use a light pedal coupled to the Swell. Solo the melody on the Great through the verse and add the left hand to the Great during any chorus or refrain if you wish. The Pedal should not be coupled to your solo.

Play-over: Use the first and preferably last lines of music to arrive comfortably at the start. Your play-over MUST run into the start of the song without hesitation; this is where the pause and two beats of silence really does not work.

Leading the verse: Take great care with your solo melody; this has to be exact and any faults here will show badly. Remember to separate repeated notes by halving the value of all but the last one.

Bridge: sometimes a bridge is included by the composer and that is helpful; if not look at the last line of the verse or chorus and see if a repeat of that will ease you flawlessly into the next verse. You may wish to play your bridge away from the Great where you have been leading the vocal line. But always test what is available and make sure that there is no risk of your singers jumping in prematurely.

There is much in The Complete Hymn to guide you and most of the current popular worship songs are included.

Here is a link to Youtube help you see how well this can be done using the organ:
We would add more but there would not appear to be too many of these...
More will be added either as we find them or as we create them ourselves.

Be still for the presence of the Lord - click HERE Nice descant and interesting key change to verse 3

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